Meet the Staff

Father William J. Kelly, V.F., Pastor
609-967-3746; [email protected]

Charlie Devlin - Deacon

Bob Dooley - Deacon
609-830-2205; [email protected]

Maria Leonard - Administrative Assistant
609-967-3746; [email protected]

Michelle Dooley - Wedding Coordinator
609-830-2206;  [email protected]

Linda DiSabatino - Bookkeeper
609-967-3746; [email protected]

Eileen Barrett - Coordinator of Family Faith Formation
609-967-3017; [email protected]

Meryl Cerana - Facilities Manager
609-967-3746; [email protected]

Bob Biernbaum - Maintenance and Facility Steward

Retired Priests who assist with Masses

Msgr. Liam Quinn

Fr. James Betz

Fr. John O'Leary

Fr. John Kelly