Facilities Stewardship Committee

As part of the work of the Facilities Committee, there is a need for oversight into the upkeep of each building in the parish. The six members of the committee have been assigned as such:

Gene Boyd - Saint Paul Church - 609-602-7613 or [email protected]

Terrie Cwik - Quinn Hall - 609-741-0384 or [email protected]

Ed Grubb - Tierney Hall - [email protected]

Mike Matt - Maris Stella Church - 609-368-0512 or [email protected]

Anita Stenger - Parish Office - 609-368-0737 - [email protected]

Joe Stenger - Sacred ┬áHeart Church - 609-368-0737 or [email protected]

The committee members ask that if you see any concerns in these buildings, you contact the responsible members only. They will relay the information to the committee for consideration. Of course, any emergency item should be referred immediately to the parish office. (609-967-3746)