Covid Restrictions for Church


There is a LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ALLOWED in the church building. The number is not to exceed 25% of the seating capacity of the church. Therefore, you may encounter a situation when you wish to attend Mass and will not be able to because the capacity has been reached. Hopefully, you will return for a subsequent Mass. We will have signs posted outside the church indicating Mass times and locations. Mass will also be live streamed at 7AM on Sundays and can be viewed on the parish Facebook page and reviewed after that on Sunday morning.  Check our website or a voice message can be heard by calling the Parish Office at 609 – 967 – 3746 for Mass times.




There are many cautions concerning WHO SHOULD “NOT” BE ATTENDING MASS. The CDC recommends that no one over 65, those with health issues, families with very small children, those who feel sick, especially those experiencing a cough, should not attend.


There will be a SPECIFIC ENTRANCE TO THE CHURCH AND TWO EXITS from the church. The one entrance to Maris Stella Church will be on Dune Drive and at St. Paul’s on Third Avenue. In both Churches you must exit at the two doors on either side of the sanctuary. There will be some inconvenience for where you park, needing to walk outside the building to enter Church or to exit and reach your car.  We ask your indulgence to this requirement.


EVERYONE MUST WEAR A FACE MASK. We are all experiencing this rule in grocery stores and other businesses. Greeters at the entrance will ensure that no one enters without a mask.  The only exception is for children under the age of two.  Masks are to be worn throughout the Mass.


SOCIAL DISTANCING will be exercised within the church. Ushers will escort a group of one or two people to the center aisles and groups of three or more to the side aisles. This allows us to occupy as much space as we can.


HOLY COMMUNION WILL BE DISTRIBUTED AT THE  CONCLUSION OF THE MASS. While hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance of the church, we ask that you bring your personal bottle and sanitize before Communion.  EVERYONE MUST COME TO THE ALTAR even if they will not be receiving Holy Communion. If a person, such as a non-Catholic spouse, cannot receive, no judgment will be placed on that person. They just need to approach the Eucharistic Minister and cross their arms over their chest to receive a blessing from God. Everyone must be WEARING A MASK AS THEY APPROACH THE ALTAR. They will receive the host in the hand and then step to the side marked with an X and, pulling their mask up from their chin, place the host in their mouth. They will then exit the church immediately. You may wish to spend a moment in your car or outside on the grounds thanking God for his presence in the Holy Eucharist.


There will be locked donation containers at each exit of the church. We thank you for your generous support in these difficult days.