Clergy Abuse Support Information


There are many victims of the Clergy Sex Abuse crisis. Certainly, we pray for the direct victims and survivors, and their families, first and foremost. However, we understand that all Catholics suffer because of this scandal. Anger, disillusionment and distrust are natural responses by the faithful who feel letdown by both the actions of the accused and the failings of Church leadership to protect the victims and foster recovery through transparency.

Likewise, priests and religious in good standing also feel this pain. They must shoulder the burden of a vocation made in good faith, but tarnished by those who acted as wolves and not shepherds.

With these needs in mind, we have brought together various resources from around the Catholic world to help those in need of support because of the clergy sex abuse scandal. For as much as the original victimization is a heinous crime, it is made even more painful if it results in the faithful pulling away from God because of it.

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